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How to spend 4 days in Cartagena, Colombia May 2018

Cartagena is a magical place full of color, delicious food, and friendly locals. I spent a week there and uncovered some of the best things to do, see, and eat around the city (including fun day trips!)

Iceland Ring Road photo journal May 2018

Iceland will forever be one of my favorite countries. Through this photo journal showcasing my experience around the country, I hope to convince you to visit this incredibly beautiful planet-like country.

My Story: How to Work Remote May 2018

My office is wherever I want it to be. I've been based in Europe, South America, and the States. This is my story of how I left corporate life & my advice to anyone who wants to transition into remote or freelance based work!


Remote Work

What if you could work WHILE you travel the world? The remote work or "digital nomad" lifestyle is becoming a popular trend among the younger generations, and I hope to show others that they can make this lifestyle their reality too. From stories about how I got started to tips on where to find remote work, here's where you'll find everything I've learned from my first year working while traveling.  


Destination Guides

In this section, you'll find destination guides, photography journals, and generic travel tips to help you experience the best of the over 30+ destinations I've experienced around the world!