Hey everyone! I'm Raimee, a travel obsessed digital marketer.

Ever since my first trip out of the United States when I was 14 years old, I've been infatuated by culture, language, and anything and everything international! So far I've ventured through 21 countries while cruising, studying, vacationing,  and interning!

My goal is to DO IT ALL ABROAD even if I work 40+ hours a week! Luckily, I just made the transition to working remote! I aim to do, see, taste, and try everything I possibly can while in the places I visit. This website will showcase my experiences and aim to provide hopeful travelers with insight, advice, and inspiration to follow their global dreams through interning, studying, volunteering, and/or working abroad!

Keep scrolling to learn more about me and my blog, and connect with me on social media!